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To start from nothing and to make something out of nothing is a miracle of higher cortical functioning. From chaos into order – our lives are made, our perceptions shift, our world changes.

Why did I start this blog? A few reasons: 1) It helps put my life in perspective, 2) it’s a great way to improve communication skills (the written language frequently transfers well verbally if you practice consistently), 3) to build a portfolio of my work and maybe make some money at it.

In the past, I kept a journal of my adventures in self change. I dislike the word “self-improvement” due to the fact that it is not an accurate expression of what needs to be done for a person to improve. Perhaps you remember the classic quote from the movie Fight Clubin which Tyler Durden, the split personality of the nameless protagonist, says:

Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self-destruction…

This is only a half truth as well. What truly must be done for real change to occur is self destruction along with re-creation. What do you do after you knock down a building? You clear up the debris and replace it with a brand new structure. From chaos into order…

This blog is available for myself and anybody who is interested in going through some initial discomfort in order to create something magnificent. A masterpiece is created through hard work, creativity, and pain. It’s through these birth pangs of self reflection and destruction that you build character, confidence, and grace. This does not mean tearing down the whole structure in one go, which would never be a good thing for anyone who wants to stay sane. It means gradually destroying the concepts that keep you from achieving more in your life. It also means training your mind/body in ways you never thought of to build mental and physical toughness, poise, and charisma.

I’m glad you are on this journey with me. My exploits will be written here for you, dear reader. Live with purpose, be conscious of your values, and take action. I guarantee you your life will be a hell of a lot more interesting, and you can look back on your life with a smile, knowing you achieved great things.